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«Filipino Kali Eskrima»

Franco Vacirca first learned Filipino Kali-Silat and Eskrima through Guro Dan Inosanto and Sifu Chema (Jose Maria) Fraguas. Sifu Chema was the founder and instructor at the KALI JUNF FAN INSTITUTE in Madrid, Spain in the 1980’s where the JKD Concepts apprenticeship of the Vacirca Brothers, Franco, and Demetrio, began.

The highly developed and comprehensive martial art from the Philippines is based on weapons but is ultimately an empty hand system. The Filipino martial arts, at the then Vacirca Academy of Martial Arts (VAMA) – and today at ONE DOJO in Zurich, come from a variety of sources, the masters under whom the Vacirca Brothers trained. With influences such as the late Grandmaster Rene Latosa, Franco Vacirca has developed his own and complete program that introduces students to six areas, including, on single stick, double stick, stick & knife, double knife, Panatukan (Filipino boxing), Sikiran/Panajakman (Filipino kicking), Kuntao/Silat.

“Against Knife Attacks !!!”

We receive numerous inquiries again and again to the topic knife defense. To this we say to them already: “If you want to protect yourself against knife attacks, you must learn how to handle it first”. Kali Eskrima classes are only available to students over 16 years of age and a background check from us can be requested at any time. There are only three solutions against a knife attack on the open street: RUN AWAY (always stay fit!); GIVE HIM WHATEVER HE WANTS (with lots of money and expensive clothes you should get rid of him!); and if all this is not enough, then there is only one thing left: FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE (to achieve this, learn the art of Kali Eskrima!).

“Real FMA Benefits…”

At our Stick & Box classes, students‘ awareness is raised to use the given environment and fighting tools. Everyday objects such as umbrellas, magazines, books, bandanas, etc. become effective means of self-defense in the hands of well-trained individuals. The use of left- and right-hand techniques promotes coordination. The exercises and techniques, taught in a fluid, non-restrictive manner, allow students to improve their natural attributes and increase their sense of timing, speed, awareness, balance, agility, and confidence.

The exercises from Stick & Box training develop qualities such as speed, agility, footwork, timing, body mechanics, distance, range awareness and coordination on the left and right sides of the body. The martial arts community uses the names Kali, Eskrima (and Arnis) to refer to the same art. Originally, the difference in the names meant either the region from which the art originated or the period in which it was developed. These three names and many others refer to Filipino martial arts where empty hand and weapon skills are developed with similar training methods. Practitioners of these arts are characterized by their ability to fight with both weapons and empty hands.

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